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Rating Systems such as Yelp are no longer the best way to find a trusted Provider because they don`t rate Providers on data Privacy and Security risks. This is critical in an age where an Identity is stolen every few seconds. PrivacyGrades (PG) Rating System solves this problem by fairly grading Providers on how well they protect your Privacy and Identity. VERIFIED Providers pledge to fully protect your valuable data with $1,000,000.00* warranty. We will also show you Providers Yelp Ratings to help you pick the BEST !

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RIP 5 Star Rating Systems Yelp and Healthgrades are so 2015
Today`s 5 Star Rating Systems are highly unreliable because they don`t take into consideration how well a Service Provider is protecting your valuable data and your Privacy. Therefore the 5 Star ratings on google, Yelp, healthgrades, etc. are useless in identifying a dependable provider in the digital world, where an identity is stolen every few minutes. At, we are on a mission to change that and that is why we created a far more superior rating system that solves this problem. We call this new system (PG) PrivacyGrades 5 Star Rating system. We believe our rating system is destined to be the most reliable measure for finding a trusted partner in the new digital era.
Introducing (PG) 5 Star Rating System, designed to safeguard everyone`s Identity for FREE
(PG) 5 Star Rating systems is designed to bring much needed visibility into hidden security practices of all service providers who handle sensitive personal data. We overcame this complex challenge thru engaging some of the world`s leading experts in cyber security from CIA, U.S Air Force, & the private sector to create a non-intrusive, Cyber forensic Algorithm that we call "Darkvision". Darkvision allows us to assess millions of external data points in order to assign a provider with a score on how well they are doing in protecting their client`s data. We then work with the provider to confirm the validity of our findings before publishing their final score on
(PG) 5 Star Rating System is a Game Changer
At, we are on a mission to help Consumers and businesses avoid, and government auditors prosecute those unethical providers who are in willful neglect of privacy laws. That is why we invested significant capital to develop game changing (PG) 5 Star rating system to help make the digital world safer for all. For the first time , the general public, business partners, and government officials have unprecedented visibility into who is and who is not following privacy laws. Our partnership with some of the world`s leading security providers enables us to help smaller providers gains access to big provider security tools at small business price points

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