Report Privacy Violation with 100% Anonymity

We GUARANTEE your Anonymity for helping us protect everyone is on a mission to make the digital world a safer place. We invite the general public to report any suspected privacy violations so we can follow up on those leads to make sure that any issues are addressed before they result in unnecessary hardship for Consumers and effected Businesses.

Many Businesses do not have the proper resources to address cyber security risk effectively and unfortunately, that provides great opportunities to the cyber criminals who are constantly on the lookout for weak venues, where they can quickly monetize an intrusion without getting caught. Therefore, we think it is unfair to report those type of violations to government auditors without giving the effected entities an opportunity to correct those violations.

Please use click here to report any suspected violations.

If you believe that the violation that you are about to report must be reported to the government immediately due to the serious nature ,  then we recommend that you use one of the links below to report such violations directly to the government. We urge you to avoid this whenever possible to give the provider a chance to mitigate any issues.